Sonic the Hedgehog apk latest version free download for android

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Sonic the Hedgehog apk latest version free download for androidSonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog apk free download is the first installment of the Sega game series. It was released in 1991 for Genesis. The game revolves around the player of sonic. You can play the game as Sonic. In the game, you can run and collect coins in the game. The game has a very interesting environment. You can play this game when you are so bored. Sonic the Hedgehog download for android has exciting gameplay. You run on the land of grass. You collect many coins and different power-ups. It gives you exciting gaming experience. You can move left and right in the game.

sonic the hedgehog apk download

You can also jump your sonic player in the game. You can avoid different obstacles in the game and reach your end point. You can complete every stage of the sonic the hedgehog game. After the completion of one stage, the next stage is bonus stage. In this stage, you can collect many coins as possible. When your sonic character falls down on the red stone the stage will be over. After every stage, the boss Dr.Eggman will come. You can destroy their machine on every stage and release the prisoners. You can earn highest points when your life is safe and you can complete the game in one life. You can download Sonic the Hedgehog in Android apk mod.

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