Metal Slug 1 apk + data download for Android

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Metal Slug 1 apk + data download for Android

Metal Slug 1 apk + data is a sequence of the gun and run video game. It has a third party shooter and also a tower defense video game. The game was created for Neo Geo arcade platform. Metal Slug 1 apk download focuses on the small group of soldiers, peregrine falcon squad who battle against a rebel army. It has a large number of enemies and your player has powerful weapons. You can close with the enemy and also shoot them with a gun.

There are different versions of this game. Metal Slug 1 apk download for android is the first installment of this series. You can play this wonderful game on your Android phone or also on PC. Metal Slug provides you a huge range of enemy soldiers. You can take down every soldier by shooting them with your gun. You can complete every level of the game and in the end, you can earn highest points in the game. You can use the powerful heavy machine gun in the game.

metal slug 1 apk + data downloadMetal Slug 1

You can shoot many helicopters in the game. There is not easy to take down the helicopter in the game but you can struggle hard and take down the helicopters. At the end of every stage, there is a huge enemy comes which names as the boss of the stage. In metal slug levels you can defeat every boss in every stage.

metal slug 1 apk full free download

You can use a powerful tank in the game and the tank protects your life from other enemies. If the tank is destroying you can shoot simple on soldiers as you start the game. In the game, you can use many professional weapons for shooting enemies. Marco is the default character in the game. You can capture prisoners and also earn more points in the last of the level. The prisoners give you many advanced weapons in the game. You can download Metal Slug 1 in Android apk mod.

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