Metal slug 2 apk + data download free for android

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Metal Slug 2 apk + data download free for android

Metal Slug 2 apk is a vehicle run and gun video game develops by SNK. The gameplay of this game is very similar to its other version. You must shoot continuously at a constant stream of enemies. You confront a boss at every stage of the game. You can capture many prisoners at every stage of the game.

After you defeat the boss you earn reward points of these prisoners. The game has the stunning environment and beautiful gameplay. You defeat the soldiers in the game by using different weapons. You continuously run and fire on these soldiers. You use special weapons in Metal Slug 2 apk mod download for android.

metal slug 2 apk downloadmetal slug 2

These special weapons come from prisoners of the game. Heavy machine gun, rocket launchers, laser gun and also many other are special weapons in the game. At the end of every level, you fight with the boss and defeat them with shooting and bomb baring. In Metal Slug 2 apk mod + data, you sit in the tank which protects you against your rival attacks. You can also perform melee attacks by using a knife. You do not die easily by coming into contact with enemies. When you play the game you also encounter POWs who offer you bonuses in the form of random items or weapons. If you die before the end of the level then your score will be zero. Metal Slug 2 apk mod free download also introduces the ability for players to turn during the course of the game.

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