Angry Birds Fight mod apk download full version

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Angry Birds Fight mod apk download full version

Angry Birds fight mod apk download is a quest style and also puzzle video game. In the game, you have 45 seconds to match birds of similar color and also make them vanish from the game board. You match more birds and earn more points in the game. Its gameplay is very simple you move your finger on your mobile phone screen. You can only create a move if birds match and disappear. You gain more points when you disappear more birds.Angry Birds Fight

angry birds fight 2.5 5 mod apk

Angry Birds Fight apk download was the eleventh installment of the Angry Birds series. Its gameplay is divided into two stages combat and also matching. In this matching level, it has 7 x 7 boards layout which will display the same for both players. You must move your finger to match at least three same birds and vanish them. If you match four same colors of the birds then you will earn more points. If you match 5 birds ten fever time is activated in which your attack and defense will be doubled. Angry Birds Fight apk Latest Version free download.

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There are 2 currencies in the game gems and gold. Gold is used to bitterly enhance existing equipment and also the gems are used to give more gameplay turns. The game includes two events monster pig events and arena events. In monster pig events you can fight with monster pigs through their own modified ship. In arena events, pigs and birds fight in the arena and try to defeat each other.

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