Metal Slug 3 apk mod free download for android

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Metal Slug 3 apk mod free download for android

Metal Slug 3 apk is a run gun video game develops by SNK. It adds different new features to the gameplay of original metal slug and also Metal slug 2 like new vehicles and also weapons. Its gameplay is similar to its other versions. You can shoot soldiers in the game and also earn score points. You can complete every level of the game and win all the stages with higher points.

There are different special guns in the game like the shotgun, heavy machine gun etc. At the end of every game, you confront a boss who is usually larger and tough than common enemies. You can also sit in the tank while playing the game. The tank protects you from the enemies’ war.

Metal Slug 3 apk free downloadMetal Slug 3 apk

You fill the fuel in the tank after some time. You don’t waste the tank in the fight because it protects you. Metal Slug 3 apk free download includes arcade mode, and also mission mode. The player can train himself in their favorite stages or those give you a hard time. You command any slug vehicles like an ace. The slugs are back and also more colorful than ever, with drill slugs, slug mariners, and also elephant slugs.

Metal Slug 3 apk mod download for Android

You clear all routes through branching map system. The game has a branching map system permitting you to take a different route to the end with each playthrough and also the immense map of endless gameplay. Metal Slug 3 apk for Android can be doubly enjoyed by playing with another brother in arms simultaneously through the Bluetooth function.

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