Metal Slug 5 apk mod free download for Android

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Metal Slug 5 apk mod free download for Android

Metal Slug 5 apk mod is a gun and also run video game for Neo Geo developed by SNK Play more. It is the fifth installment of Metal Slug series. The game has different from its previous versions. It has unique environment then its previous versions. It has different soundtracks. It was released for PlayStation 2 in 2003. It is the wonderful running and gun video game. Metal Slug 5 apk free download is a multiplayer video game and you can play this game standalone or with your friend. Two players can play the Metal Slug 5 game.

You select the player as you want. You select girl or boy player to play the game. Marco is the default fighter in the game which is present in all Metal Slug series. You make shoot troops of enemies. You make prisoners and earn points or special weapons in the game. You use the heavy machine gun, flame fire, shotgun, laser, rocket launcher and more.

metal slug 5 apk + data downloadMetal Slug 5

In the game, the spider slug is a giant squid which has two legs to the floor. Metal Slug 5 download for Android is armed with 360 degrees firing a harpoon gun, and Vulcan cannons. You can complete every level to win the game. You can also download Metal Slug 5 in Android apk mod.

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