Facebook apk download for android 2.3.6

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Facebook apk download for android 2.3.6

Facebook apk is a social site in which you connect with your friends all over in the world. It was launched on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It is basically designed for those people who are far away from each other. It is world biggest social platform in which you can search any of them in the world. First, you make the account on Facebook You enter your email id or phone number to make FB id.

You set your profile people on the site. You choose your username which you can use on FB. You can add your favorite pictures on FB. You share your memories on FB. You add photos and videos on FB. You can share your personal information with your friends. You can also make groups of different people on FB. You can chat them and make friends with them. You can also join different groups for sharing your ideas. Facebook apk download is the best social application to promote your business.

Facebook apk download the latest version

You make different FB pages and like different pages as you want. You like other people images or videos which names as the post. You add different friends and search them in the search menu. You can also chat personally on messenger. You can comment on the different post of the people. You chat with your friends on FB inbox. You can change the privacy settings on FB. You can not upload Adult contents on FB.

Facebook app apk download old versionFacebook

Facebook for Android download is a smart application and you can use it on your mobile devices. You can install the app from Google play store. You can also install different versions of apk file. You can also upload your live event on Facebook. It is an interesting program that trillions of users use this every day. You watch live videos on the app. You buy and also sell items and services. You follow your favorite artist, companies, and also websites to get their latest news. You backup photos by saving them in albums. You play many games on Facebook.

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