War of Kings game mod apk for android

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War of Kings game mod apk for android

War of Kings mod apk is an MMO RPG mobile strategy video game. In the game, you build your own castle and starts your journey of conquest. In the game, you upgrade the resource bases and also buildings to revive from the chaos. You research a range of technologies to raise the military power and resource production. You train the Archers, Cavalries and also Infantries to destroy the terrorist wandering around. You subdue heroes from the temporal and also spatial gaps and summon them to lead your troops.War of Kings

You dispatch the units of troops which are mutually restraint wisely to win the fight. War of Kings apk free download has forge equipment and also upgrades their qualities to give power your heroes. You work together with your groups to develop your alignment and also make friends from all over the world.

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You fight against the rivals and also occupy the resources and territories to rule the world. Sometimes you can even UNITE with the rival alignment to catch up with another one. The game optimizes the event time. War of Kings optimizes the distribution of instance button. It optimizes some interfaces and also uses some new icons.

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