Google Assistant apk download for android 6.0.1

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Google Assistant apk download for android 6.0.1

Google Assistant apk is a virtual assistant develop by Google. It is available on Smartphone devices and mobiles. You can engage in two-way conversations. It gives another way to launch the Assistant that’s already available on your phone.Google Assistant

It lets you to rapidly access your Google Assistant with one click. You can still contact your assistant by holding and also burning your home button or by simply saying ‘Ok Google’. Google Assistant apk download reminds you to send a birthday card, unwind by playing your favorite tunes and make calls hands free during your commute.

Google Assistant app download for android

You can ask questions with your Assistant and get more things. You use it anywhere anytime. You make quick phone calls on the go. You send text messages. You set reminders to buy a birthday card for your friends. You take a selfie. You set a calendar event for dinner with your love. With this application, you play music, navigate places, receive updates on the latest news, and also weather information. You can you this app on your device with the installment of Google Search v7.11.

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