Tekken 1 apk mod full version free download

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Tekken 1 apk mod full version free download

Tekken 1 apk mod is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco in 1994. Tekken 1 free download for Android was the first installment of Tekken series. It was the first fighting game which uses 3D animation. Tekken 1 apk full version has seven other main installments of the series. Like many other fighting, games you choose a player from a lineup and busy in hand to hand combat with an enemy.Tekken 1

The game are playing with buttons like the weak kick or strong punch. You can uses the buttons in the game. Its gameplay includes blocks, escapes, throws, and ground fighting. In the original version, you could only blocks attacks manually. You can choose the players from the showing list.

Tekken 1 apk free download

Some players have the supernatural origin like Angel, Devil, Ogre, Mokujin and Azazel. It provide animal characters like Panda, Kuma, the Roger Family, and Alex provides comic relief. In his story mode, each player generally has their own private reasons for entering the tournament and win the prize. Kazuya Mishima is the protagonist in the first edition.

Tekken 1 mod apk

His father Heihachi Mishima was the protagonist in the second edition. His son son Jin Kazama was the protagonist in the third installment of the series. Every character has different moves and abilities. Their fighting style is different from each others. You can enjoy this game on your desktop pc as well as on your Android devices.

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