Metal Slug 6 apk mod free download for android

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Metal Slug 6 apk mod free download for android

Metal Slug 6 apk mod is a gun and run video game develops by Neo Geo. It is the arcade game of Metal Slug series. It was released in 2006 for PlayStation 2. The game returns to the Rebel Martian union features in Metal Slug X, 2 and 3 but on a much huge scale. You can now team up with the Martians and Rebels to combat an even bigger threat. Metal Slug 6 apk free download has two modes in which you can choose beginning, easy and hard.Metal Slug 6

You have a default weapon when you start the game which name was Heavy Machine Gun. It adds the number of new slugs as well as new weapons like the Zantetsu Sword that permits you to emit lethal waves of energy which can neutralize opponent firepower.

Metal Slug 6 apk free download

Every player has special abilities like Eri can throw bombs in many directions; Marco’s basic gun does more damage and so on. Some players also have special attack techniques which are activated by the combination of several buttons. It introduces a new gameplay. You carried two guns at the same time. You can switch between two guns, or simply change your gun with default weapon. You can play metal slug VI on your Android mobile. Metal Slug 6 download for Android is easy to download and play.

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