Tekken 2 mod apk file download free for android devices

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Tekken 2 mod apk file download free for android devices

Tekken 2 mod apk is the 2nd main installment of the Tekken series. It is the arcade game and it was released on the PlayStation in 1996. It includes 10 playable characters in the game. Its arcade versions include up to twenty-five players including new eight fighters. Its home versions include new game modes in the series. It was critical as well as commercial success.Tekken 2

Its gameplay is much like its ancestor with a few additions. Tekken 2 apk file download uses the 2D background in its stages. You can control this game with four buttons right kick, left kick, right punch, and left punch. Moreover, it includes attack reversals for some players, chain throws, back throws and a sidestep special to two unique characters, Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima.

Tekken 2 apk file download

Tekken 2 for android download also introduced different modes which would become staples to the series. It includes team battle mode, survival mode, and time attack mode. It survival mode you play an endless number of matches, to watch how many opponents you can defeat them. In team battle mode there is a two-player fight with each other and other players will sit behind.

Tekken 2 apk download for android

When one player is defeated then the next will come. In time attack mode you can fast play the game to beat your records. It is available on multiple platforms. So you can play this game on your PC and your android mobile. It is available in for PC in the rar file and for Android in apk file. It is easy to play and enjoy.

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