Google Maps apk download for android 4.2.2

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Google Maps apk download for android 4.2.2

Google Maps apk download is a mapping service established by Google. It offers street maps, satellite imagery, 360-degree panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and way planning for traveling by car, foot, bicycle or public transportation. It is a C++ program designed by Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and Lars at Where 2 Technologies.Google Maps

Google Maps for Android 4.2.2 was launched in 2005. It offers an API that permits maps to be embedded on Third party websites. Its makers allow you to collaboratively update and expand the services mapping all around the world. Its satellite view is a birds eye or top-down view most of the HD images of cities.

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Google Maps apk download for android uses a close alternative of the Mercator projection and therefore cannot perfectly display areas around the poles. It releases for Android and iOS devices in September 2008. The feature of the app is GPS turn by turn navigation along with committed parking assistance characteristic. In 2013 it was the most famous application of smartphone.

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It gives a route planner permitting you to find accessible directions through public transportation, driving, biking or walking. Like other Google services, it uses JavaScript widely. When you search for a business the results are saving in the background. Google Indoor maps use PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, or BMP, for floor plan. It is coded in XML and JavaScript.

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