Metal Slug 7 apk mod full download for android

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Metal Slug 7 apk mod full download for android

Metal Slug 7 is a gun and run video game established by SNK. It is the eighth installment of metal slug series. It was released in September 2007 and it is the first game that would release without an arcade version. It is the revised version of Metal Slug XX. It has additional content including multiplayer content.Metal Slug 7

The game has seven levels and three difficulties: Hard, Normal and Beginner. You use the Nintendo DS platform to play this game. It provides the map which makes easier you to look at the level and watch your power-ups. You look the list of the captured prisoners at the top left of the screen. It introduces a new weapon called Thunder Shot which fires a huge electric blast to your enemy. It has several characters like Marco Rossi, Eri Kasamoto, Tarma Roving, Fiolina Germi, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, and Leona Heidren.

Metal Slug 7 apk download

Marco Rossi has default guns and it damages more than normal. Eri Kasamoto carries 20 grenades instead of ten. Tarma Roving takes less damage when driving a slug. Fiolina Germi gets double the bullets for weapons and starts a battle with Heavy Machine gun. Ralf Jones use Vulcan Punch to fast destroy most enemies.

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Clark Still uses the Super Argentine Backbreaker, a snatching attack which can hurl opponent infantry and also provides him invincible when performing it. It is available on many platforms now you can play this game on your Android phone.

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