Criminal Case hack apk free download for android

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Criminal Case hack apk free download for android

Criminal Case hack apk is a detective hidden object game released in 15 November 2012 for Facebook. It was released on iOS platform on 28 August 2014. It was released on Android platform on 15 April 2015. It has over 10 million average monthly users. Criminal Case free download for Android has become very famous in the begging of 2013 and it is very competitive with candy crush saga. It is the most playing game on Facebook with over 46 million monthly users.criminal case

In this game, you act as a detective to solve murder cases. You pick up clues from the crime scenes by clicking different items in the scene. In the game, higher scores can be earned by searching items as fast as possible. The scores attain will fill the bar on every scene. In this game, you collect stars in every case. The fast you solve the level of the game and you fill your star bar fastly.

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Criminal Case apk free download offers five stars on every crime scene. If one star is completed then it will move to the next star. You will use that stars to solve the different criminal cases. After 24 hours the energy bar is automatically filled. You lose 20 energy when you play this game for the first time. You collect various clues in the game. In this game, you change the outfit of your players like clothes, hairs, gender, glasses, and etc.

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In the last of every case, you must provide reason who is the killer, and which weapon is used to kill. By successfully identified the suspect, you can eventually promote to the additional stages. Criminal Case download for Android also introduces puzzles elements in the game. You simply click on the puzzle and drag them to his rightful place. You can play this game on your Android devices with the help of apk.

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