Tekken 6 apk mod for android free download

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Tekken 6 apk mod for android free download

Tekken 6 apk mod is a fighting game and it is the seventh installment of Bandai Namco. It was released in Japan on 26 November 2007. It is the first game running on PlayStation. It receives an update over a year later. It was released for portable PlayStation in 2009. It retains elements from the previous version. It introduces the new rage system that increases the health of playable players. The game depends on 8 level. If you defeat your opponent in one than you automatically promote to the next level. Each level is quite difficult from previous one.tekken 6

In this game, there is an extra stage which is called bonus round. One chance is given to destroy the machine. If you win the extra round then your rank is upgraded. You can play this game on your PC with the help of PPSSPP setup. You can also enjoy Tekken 6 on Android with its apk file. The game also introduces new characters which you have not seen before. In this game, there are different modes which you choose one mode to play. In arcade mode, there are you can play with your friend or against the computer.

Tekken 6 apk free download

Tekken 6 apk for Android also introduces the story mode which tells the story of every character.Jin Kazama’s is the most dangerous player in this game. After defeating the Jin Kazama’s the Boss stage will come. Azazil is very horrible and dangerous boss of all previous Tekken series. You can play this game with the help of keyboard button.

Tekken 6 apk file download

The game environment is different from other ones. It has addictive and immersive gameplay. It has beautiful visuals and amazing gaming environment. You can also play this fighting game on your Android devices. The lovers of Tekken series want to play this game everywhere and anytime. So, you can download this game to apk mod.

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