EverWing Game mod apk hack download free full version

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EverWing Game mod apk hack download free full version

EverWing is a game designed by Blackstorm Labs for instant platform Facebook Messenger. It is a perpendicular scrolling shooter game in which Guardians and his dragon battle against Bosses and hordes in order to reclaim their kingdom. It is a single player game in which you control Guardians and his endless battle to destroy monsters. It includes Boss Raids cooperative multiplayer mode that lets you team up with your friends to fight against super powerful monsters.EverWing

Boss Raids launched on 1 March 2017. It has also a quests mode which permits you to send your Guardians on missions, and come back after some time to claim treasure collected by the Guardians. Sidekicks are the dragon which comes from eggs. There are three type of dragons Rare, Common and Legendary. Rare dragons have unique powers and medium attack damage. Common dragons have real powers but have huge attack damage. Legendary dragons have extraordinary powers, and medium to high attack damage.

EverWing Game apk download

Dragons have several numbers of stars. A single star dragon can only level up to level 10. It must be established to level up more and become a 2-star dragon. A 2nd-star dragon can only level up to level 20. It orders to establish a dragon, you need 2 of the similar dragons at their ultimate level. EverWing features inform you about the position of leaderboard competitions, as well as their different Quests and Raids.

EverWing mod apk download

You can also interact with the gamebot to manage your quests directly from the claiming treasures, chat read, and redeploying your guardians again on another quest. You can download this game in Android apk mode. Apkappfun.co gives you a download link to install this game. We give you the best online gaming experience in apk mod. Thanks for reading.

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