Tekken Tag Tournament apk mod download for android free

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Tekken Tag Tournament apk mod download for android free

Tekken Tag Tournament is the fighting game and it is the fourth main installment of Tekken series. It was released in 1999. It receives updated graphics when it was ported to the PS2. It is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. You can play this game in single or Multiplayer mode. You fight against computer or friend.Tekken Tag Tournament

Every match has two rounds. In this game, you select two players to fight in the game. Every player has different ability to fight in the game. The game also introduces new characters like the devil, P-Jack, Angel, Lee, Kazuya, Wang, and more. It has eight levels to play this game. Every level is difficult from previous one. It was released for PlayStation 3 in 2011. At any point in the fight, you can change player by making a tag. You defeat your opponent in 60 sec.

tekken tag tournament apk download for android

You can make the combo with your tag team partner. In a time of rest, the life bar is flashing, that player can be tagged in to be providing a temporary boost in strength. You set the controls with your choice. The new armor king is also introduced in the game. You have 35 players to play this game. You select two different players from the list of 35 players. The game includes Tekken 3 character also.

tekken tag android game download

It lets players to only select alternative colors which have been included in the costumes first. You can Tekken tag tournament in apk android also. Now you are not just playing this game on your pc but you can also enjoy this game on your smartphone. With this apk mod, you can play this game on your mobile. Apkappfun.co gives you a link to download this game in apk mode. Thanks for reading.

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