Candy Crush Saga 1.19.0 mod apk hack (unlimited lives)

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Candy Crush Saga 1.19.0 mod apk hack (unlimited lives)

Candy Crush Saga 1.19.0 apk is an open source puzzle platform game developed by King on 12 April 2012 for FB, other versions of iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Windows 10 followed. In this game, you complete rounds by swapping color pieces of candy in-game display. You match three or more same colors to eliminating the candies from the board. You also replace them with new ones that would forcefully create further matches.

You match continuously four or more candies create exclusive candies which act as power-ups with huge board clearing abilities. Boards have different goals which must be completed within a fixed number of moves or minimum amount of time, like collecting a unique number of a type of candy or certain score. It is considered one of the first and most beneficial uses of a freemium model. You can play Candy Crush Saga apk hack without spending money.

candy crush saga unlimited moves apkCandy Crush Saga

You can buy special actions to help clear more complicated boards, from which king makes its profits. Over 93 million people are playing this game in the world. Candy Crush Saga mod apk has a match three game and its gameplay is based on swapping two nearby candies among several on the gameboard as to make a column or row of three matched candies. In this game, matched candies will remove and other candies will fall in the empty spaces. The new candies will appear on top of the board and it creates a new set of matched candies.

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You score points by matching these candies and gains increasingly more points for chain reactions. You can also download this game in apk file. gives you a chance to download this game for Android freely. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Candy Crush Saga apk files are download in the given below.

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