Subway Surfers apk download for Android

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Subway Surfers apk download for Android

Subway Surfers apk is world class running platform video game developed by the kilo. It is an endless running video game. Millions of people enjoy and play this game. Once you can start your run then it will be not stopped. You run continuously the policeman and his dog try to catch you. Your run starts on stations and you run on the railway track. After time your speed of running will automatically increase.Subway Surfers

In this game, you pick golden coins, sneakers, magnet, power boosters, keys and many things. The train coming towards you and you turn left or right to protect yourself. Behind you a policeman and when your speed is slow or hit up by train they catch you and the game is over. You use hoverboard in this game it protects you from the train hits you.

Subway surfers apk download

If the train hits you your board will destroy and you will save. Subway surfers apk download from this site. In this game, you collect keys after hitting you use the key to protect yourself. It gives you a second chance to play again game. There are lots of characters in this game. You play different characters when unlocking them with many coins. Every character has unlocked with coins. In this game, there is special mystery box available to pick this box when playing the game. In this box, there are different things in it like coins, keys, boards, outfits, guitars and much more. You boast your power-ups of magnet, sneakers, scoreboard, and jetpack with the spend of many coins. Every month it provides you mission and every mission is different from previous. At every event its style and character are different. Jake is the default character in this game.

subway surfers for pc

Subway Surfers for Android was released on 24 May 2012. You buy the uniform of the character with the help of the keys. gives you the impressive gaming experience of every android game. It is available on Google Play store and iOS devices. In 2015 it is the most playing game on the internet. It provides 2 billion copies all over in the world. Now it is available in apk file. You can download any version of this game in apk mode. Its gameplay is so easy and it is easy to install and play.

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